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Preamble - Why Mainstream Psychiatry is invalid

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Why mainstream Psychiatry is invalid is revealed in the following information.  A renowned Psychiatrist, Dr. Niall McLAREN, comments about Psychiatry - "Psychiatry as Bullshit".  Further, another (now deceased) Psychiatrist implies exactly the same thing in the many books he had published on the subject.  One of Dr. Thomas SZASZ's books is titled -  Psychiatry:  THE SCIENCE OF LIES .             Very few people have my knowledge about what happens during the Recovery Phase from what I term a Serious and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM¹ (S&CMHP).  I only know because a number of factors occurred concurrently - the most important of which was that my long-term Therapist was a Jungian psychologist.


I usually term Mental Illness a Serious and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM (S&CMHP) because I wish to avoid all of the 'LABELS' associated with conventional Mental Health Treatment - always the most efficient Treatment is "Integrate the Unconscious" as Sigmund FREUD stated!  (The terms "the Unconscious" andSUB-conscious Mind can be used interchangeably.)

Sometimes these Psychiatrists argue over what type of Disorder the person is suffering from and it is entirely irrelevant as the only way to recover from a S&CMHP is to deal with the issues emanating from the SUB-conscious Mind!  These issues emanating from theSUB-conscious Mind will be naturally dealt with without intervention(s) - but it takes time.  Targeted treatment, such as Jungian Analysis, will speed the process and reduce the likelihood of something untoward occurring.

There are at least four recognised methods of accessing and dealing with issues emanating from the SUB-conscious Mind - Dreams , Meditation , SandPlay and Art Therapy .

            Eventually I took control of my own Treatment - intensively researched Dreams, investigated my own Dreams and I Journaled my Dreams for about 6 years.  I relied heavily on Alice Ann BAILEY but strangely AA Bailey does not place much emphasis* on developing the Chakras (see image following) - Carl JUNG did however (Kundalini Yoga). The 7 Major Chakras

see bottom of Page 2 of 7 and top of Page 3 of 7 of <InitiationHuman+Solar.pdf> file


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