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Missed Opportunity

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

The (now-deceased) leader in U.S Psychiatry, Dr. Karl MENNINGER, recorded an observation in correspondence to a colleague, the noted anti-Psychiatrist Dr. Thomas SZASZ, something he did not understand

<menningerSZASZletters.pdf> - see the  yellow-highlighted section .  MENNINGER termed this unusual (to him) observation"Weller Than Well".  This "anomaly" doesn't appear to have been ever investigated by Psychiatry!  My contention is that the person(s), who became "Weller than Well", have fully enlivened the Chakra(s) concerned and very likely have been Initiated and therefore have settled down emotionally.


To me the esteemed Dr. Karl MENNINGER not continuing on this line of inquiry, about this "Weller Than Well"phenomena, is a frightful scientific oversight!


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