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Court Cases

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

My belief is that Psychiatry won't go the way of Phrenology, the now-discredited prediction system based on the shape of the skull, but it will be buried in an avalanche of court cases!!  Here are some following.

.Court Case I.

Breaches of .Canada's. Human Rights Obligations.

.Court Case II.

Some ECT manufacturers did not obtain the correct approval before mass-market release.UPDATE.

.Court Case III.

I took the nut-job Psychiatrists to court for what they called 'CARE' and my Barrister wrote in the Statement of Claim as Assault,Battery and False Imprisonment - see Attachment <STATEMENTofCLAIM*.pdf>.  The matter was settled out-of-court after the Defendants applied, by way of Notice of Motion, for Mediation!

What is missing on this Statement of Claim, referred to just-preceding, is the offence of "Defamation of Character"!  This offence should have been added to the Criminal Offences of Assault,Battery and False Imprisonment - where False Imprisonment sits just below Manslaughter in the Criminal Code.

My comment about the whole fiasco is that I didn't think that people with Degrees behaved like this!  All the Psychiatrists did with respect to me was engage in CHARACTER ASSASSINATION!

The other thing is that I don't rule out the possibility that the STATE guarantees that they will pick up the tab for any legal action taken out against the Psychiatrists!

.Court Case IV.


A Canadian has taken his Psychiatrists to court over the Chemical Imbalance furphy.

.Court Case V  -  ??.

I contend that this situation of Psychiatrists Falsely Imprisoningpeople willy-nilly, without good reason, would be rectified really quickly if the people they Involuntarily Admitted and later oppose release in court to be released but are nonetheless released by the court, were to receive $8,000 per day* for half the intervalbetween the two most recent court appearances** should no Criminal Conviction***, or instance where the Mental Health Act has been used to avoid Criminal Conviction** or incidence of self-harm be found against them within 12 months upon release from the Mental Health Facility. 

*    or part thereof **     if there has been only one court appearance then              the number of days for the $8,000/day calculation              be taken as half the number of days from the date              of Involuntary Admission to the date of the court              hearing where the court determined that the person              was determined to be fit for release into the community ***       or pending Criminal Conviction or application of                 the Mental Health Act to avoid Criminal Liability

N.B.  Nothing in these terms prohibit the Involuntarily Admitted         person claiming the full number of days detained at $8,000 per day* compensation or more! Of course should the decision, regarding the outstanding legal situation at the 12 month mark, go in favour of the previously Involuntarily Admitted patient then he/she is automatically awarded this sum of $8,000 per day*!

There can be no reasonable objection against the awarding of $8,000 per day* because this indicates lack of the Psychiatrist's confidence in their own judgement!


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