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 What the Psychiatrists term 'Religious Delusions' is actually confirmation that the Heart Chakra has been enlivened!  This1st Initiation is known as "birth of the Christ Principle, the Christ Consciousness, in the cave of the heart (Chakra)" - second paragraph of the hyperlinked-to web-page.

Inspection of the Table on the first page (Page 2a) of the linked to file, <correspondencesWithAmentalHEALTHfacility.pdf>, reveals startling parallels between Psychiatric symptoms of 'Mental Illness' and commonly-known psychic phenomena!  No-one to date has explained the reason for these correlations BUT I have an explanation which fits all of the commonly-accepted data/information - the person is DEVELOPING SPIRITUALLY AND PSYCHIC ABILITIES ARE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT!!

This is the fundamental problem with Psychiatry
- there are no OBJECTIVE TESTS!

Psychiatrists have this Mental Status Examination (.MSE.) 
- but its really child-like, almost a tick-the-box procedure!

For all the paperwork produced, with me it was voluminous 
- I was amazed at the thickness of my file, and they still didn't get it right!  
The Psychiatrists were very vindictive and were on a POWER TRIP!  
Psychiatrist's judgement is often error-prone - see "THE ROSENHAN EXPERIMENT".

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 For instance when the Throat Chakra, the most powerful Chakra, is being enlivened  Panic Attacks  occur apparently.  (I cannot guarantee that this is true but I know that my Panic Attacks occurred very soon after my complete collapse and discontinued after a year or so.  I presume that these Chakras are sequentially enlivened, progressing up the body, so this particular Chakra - the Throat Chakra, would be therefore enlivened fairly early in the process.)  Associated with the enlivenment of the Throat Chakra the person becomes ClairAudient and Psychiatrists, who have never stumbled across this word in a dictionary apparently, call this 'hearing voices'.  An organisation,  Hearing Voices Network , has been established for three decades by a Psychiatrist, Professor Marius ROMME, and this network deals with this phenomena with a much more positive attitude than standard Psychiatry!

            Fully enlivening the Throat Chakra is a necessary requirement before the 2nd Initiation can proceed.


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With the full enlivenment of the Brow Chakra the person adds psychic sight to the already-developed ability of ClairAudience - this is why the Brow Chakra is also known as the 3rd Eye.  Again, apparently, Psychiatrists don't appear to have realised that psychics are ClairVoyant and this is the explanation for what they term 'visual hallucinations'.  I suggest that Psychiatrists remove themselves from their text books and 'scientific' research papers and return to PLANET EARTH for at least a short visit!

            Fully enlivening the Brow Chakra is a necessary requirement before the 3rd Initiation can proceed.


Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV (DSM-IV &DSM-IV-TR) new category "Religious and Spiritual Problems"   Inclusion of the Near-DeathExperience(s) in DSM-IV.   The Blue Book  


The Near-Death Experience is the Physical Component of the .4thInitiation. (or 2nd MAJOR Initiation) - see <initiatoryFRAMEWORK.pdf>.  TheCrown Chakra needs to have been fully enlivened for this initiation to proceed.