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Mental Illness...Shaman's Sickness

Just one "knock-out" blow for mainstream Psychiatry, where the DSM is used to diagnose Mental Disorders, is when the Person(s) experiencing Mental Health Problems reports that they are 'hearing voices'.  This can be one of the symptoms of Schizophrenia but some people 'hear voices' and they function very well in our societies!  They are called "PSYCHICS" and these mainstream Psychiatrists haven't put 2 and 2 together apparently.  'Hearing voices' is just  ClairAudience  - when the Throat Chakra has been sufficiently enlivened!

Mainstream Psychiatry is already on the canvas, from what immediately precedes, but if you want a little more this Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)should be re-named "THE BOOK OF DIVERSION" because mainstream Psychiatrists use it to bypass the necessity to provide any Scientific Explanation for the report(s) of 'hearing voices' or any other commonly-reported phenomena associated with 'Mental Illness'.  Confining ourselves to just these reports from the Mental Health Patients of 'hearing voices', 'visual hallucinations' AND 'Religious Delusions' what are we left to conclude about these frequent reports?


..1/ that many of them colluded to tell the mainstream Psychiatrist(s) the same "story",

..2/ they psychically tapped into the brains of other Mental Health Patients and seized this information OR 

..3/they just ad-libbed and relied on the mainstream Psychiatrist's very active imagination and gullible nature!




 John Pink


"Anyone who has a problem with the information presented or doesn't understand the information presented is invited to contact me directly. Some discourse on the subject of Mental Illness would be a refreshing change because usually a view is presented as fact and there is no discourse involved at all. 

In the Mental Health Field there appears to be almost no exchange of ideas or meaningful information and the consequences of this is that almost all of the entire field lacks any scientific foundation!"




Mainstream Psychiatry has completely misread what is occurring to their Mental Health Patient and shows a complete lack of Understanding! <lack_of_Understanding.pdf>  The Mental Health Sufferer is developing SPIRITUALLY and if a Psychiatrist had applied a "Long Game Analysis",  as the very prominent U.S. Psychiatrist, Dr. Karl MENNINGER  should have done over three decades ago, perhaps we'd be in a completely different situation now in the Western World! (see the  yellow-highlighted section  of MENNINGER's letter - <menningerSZASZletters.pdf>)  As such this represents a very big .MISSED OPPORTUNITY.!

            In contrast,  another renowned Psychiatrist, R. D. 
LAING , is mentioned in the excerpt following and he is implying that he thought that something radically different to what mainstream Psychiatry understands is occurring to the patient  - "But it was his 1967 work The Politics of Experience that caused the most controversy.  Inspired by people like William Blake and Carl Jung, LAING argued that “madness need not be all breakdown, it can also be breakthrough”.  In other words, psychotics are not always ill.  On the contrary, many are striving for spiritual transcendence.  Rather than locking them away and pumping them full of drugs, the psychiatrist should be more like a shaman, helping the patient to complete a spontaneous and natural process." - half-way down page


I disagree with R. D. LAING's evaluation of the situation to a degree!  I believe that the by-product of enlivening the three major Chakras concerned, the HeartThroat and Brow Chakras, creates the Mental Instability and so any person experiencing a Severe and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM (S&CMHP) MUST be advancing Spiritually and I recommend that they seek a pair of Master orMistress 3rd Initiates (Shamen or Shamanesses) or one of each gender.

In reality Psychiatrists just have "a bit of paper" (degree) and this "bit of paper" doesn't necessarily correspond to knowledge!

Also only the Masters or Mistresses are capable of Initiating the neophyte.



  Anatomy of an Epidemic








“birth of Christ consciousness ...in the cave of the Heart (Chakra)”

when the Throat Chakra is enlivened

Why mainstream Psychiatry is invalid is revealed in the following information.  A renowned Psychiatrist, Dr. Niall McLAREN, comments about Psychiatry - "Psychiatry as Bullshit".  Further, another (now deceased) Psychiatrist implies exactly the same thing in the many books he had published on the subject.  One of Dr. Thomas SZASZ's books is titled -  Psychiatry:  THE SCIENCE OF LIES .

            Very few people have my knowledge about what happens during the Recovery Phase from what I term a Serious and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM¹ (S&CMHP).  I only know because a number of factors occurred concurrently - the most important of which was that my long-term Therapist was a Jungian psychologist.


I usually term Mental Illness a Serious and Chronic MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM (S&CMHP) because I wish to avoid all of the 'LABELS' associated with conventional Mental Health Treatment - always the most efficient Treatment is "Integrate the Unconscious" as Sigmund FREUD stated!  (The terms "the Unconscious" andSUB-conscious Mind can be used interchangeably.)

Sometimes these Psychiatrists argue over what type of Disorder the person is suffering from and it is entirely irrelevant as the only way to recover from a S&CMHP is to deal with the issues emanating from the SUB-conscious Mind!  These issues emanating from theSUB-conscious Mind will be naturally dealt with without intervention(s) - but it takes time.  Targeted treatment, such as Jungian Analysis, will speed the process and reduce the likelihood of something untoward occurring.

There are at least four recognised methods of accessing and dealing with issues emanating from the SUB-conscious Mind -  Dreams ,   Meditation ,  SandPlay  and   Art Therapy .


            Eventually I took control of my own Treatment - intensively researched Dreams, investigated my own Dreams and I Journaled my Dreams for about 6 years.  I relied heavily on  Alice Ann BAILEY  but strangely AA Bailey does not place much emphasis* on developing the Chakras (see image following) - Carl JUNG did however (Kundalini Yoga).


see bottom of Page 2 of 7 and top of Page 3 of 7 of <InitiationHuman+Solar.pdf

> file




 Natural Human Development  


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      I have a logical objective in introducing the subject of Chakras into this explanation about 'Mental Illness' because it seems that their enlivenment is the reason why 'Mental Illness' occurs!  In the process of enlivenment of these Chakras - particularly the HeartThroat and Brow/3rd Eye Chakras  - 'Mental Illness' is experienced as there is an accompanying temporary imbalance(s) or a fluctuation(s) (experienced as Mental Distress) associated with the enlivenment of these Chakras.  This 'Mental Illness', therefore, is just a transient phase experienced by the person!  Like in Puberty the person gets accustomed to the hormonal changes the Mental Health Sufferer learns to, albeit SUB-consciously most often, mentally balance the additional energy available to them.